Carol Alexander

Carol Alexander

President & Chief Creative Officer

Carol J. Alexander is an arts management executive, producer, storyteller and educator with a passion for culture and history that has taken her around the globe, led to the founding of two Florida museums, a theater, and the renovation of the National Museum of Liberia, and fostered her success in the business and nonprofit worlds. As President & Chief Creative Officer of MaBu: A Cultural Resource, Carol assists organizations and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the cultures around them. 

MaBu’s most recent large-scale project was designing and curating three floors of art and history exhibitions and overseeing the reopening of the National Museum of Liberia in Monrovia,  Liberia, at the request of then-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2017. The museum’s 2017 rebirth – after nearly 20 years – represented an important turning point for Liberia after a devastating 14-year civil war. In addition to gathering artifacts, commissioning new art works and exhibits, Carol engaged scholars, craftspeople and students, solicited donors and planned every aspect of the opening celebration.


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